Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Bring New Life Back To Your Area Rug.

Dupage Vacuum has been cleaning & restoring fine domestic & oriental rugs for 10 years. We clean rugs at our state of the art cleaning plant in Evanston. Our European Deep Wash cleaning method removes grit & dirt that can actually break down the rug fibers causing the rug to lose it’s vibrance leaving it looking dull and flat.

We remove solid particulates that get trapped deep down in the rug using sonic vibration. Rugs are thoroughly soaked and then gently scrubbed using a low PH environmentally safe shampoo. Fringes are cleaned by hand. We work on heavy traffic patterns & stains and then thoroughly rinse the rugs twice to remove any soapy residue. Moisture is quickly removed in our commercial centrifuge and then hung to dry in our dry room. As a final step after the rugs have been inspected, we brush the rug to release the fibers so they are light and fluffy.

For pet problems we clean & deodorize or if the rugs are heavily soiled, we utilize an enzyme tank that breaks down the pet urine & completely removes it.

Rug Repairs

We perform all types of repair including reweaving of worn areas, binding along the edges, refringing, tinting of bleached out worn areas, blocking, new backing or any other repair required.